The Nclex Pub

At The NCLEX Pub, we offer comprehensive tutoring in various areas, including:

  • NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN exam preparation
  • Nursing Math, Dosage Calculations, and Med Math
  • Nursing-related topics such as Care Plans, Exam Strategies, Focused Content, and Time Management
  • Hesi Exit Exam
  • Anatomy and Physiology

We understand the financial challenges students face, which is why we provide discounts for eligible students. Please don’t hesitate to inquire about the details; terms and conditions apply.

Our Tutoring Method: We believe that studying for hours without testing your knowledge can negatively impact your exam results. That’s why our tutoring strategy revolves around the use of practice questions to help you absorb and retain information effectively. During our sessions, we’ll work together on practice questions, teaching you how to think critically and approach exam questions strategically. These questions are tailored to align with your classroom content, ensuring targeted preparation.

About Me: As the founder of The NCLEX Pub, I hold an Associate of Science in Nursing and have developed essential skills that I’m eager to share with nursing students facing challenges. During my own nursing school journey, I assisted fellow students in understanding how to critically answer exam questions. I passed the NCLEX with just 75 questions, and I’m ready to help you unravel the complexity of nursing concepts and guide you in applying them to exam scenarios.

As a passionate tutor and founder, I empathize with the difficulties nursing students encounter. I’ll patiently listen to your problem areas and provide you with effective strategies to enhance your comprehension.

My knowledge extends beyond nursing to related science courses, including Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, Microbiology, and Nursing Math. As a bonus, I’m available to assist you with any questions related to nursing math and offer valuable insights on conquering the NCLEX.

If you have questions about nursing, prerequisites, or any related topics, please reach out to The NCLEX Pub. We are committed to responding to your inquiries within one hour and providing you with the guidance you need to succeed in your nursing journey.