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At The NCLEX Pub, we offer comprehensive tutoring in various areas, including:

  • NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN exam preparation
  • Nursing Math, Dosage Calculations, and Med Math
  • Nursing-related topics such as Care Plans, Exam Strategies, Focused Content, and Time Management
  • Hesi Exit Exam
  • Anatomy and Physiology

We understand the financial challenges students face, which is why we provide discounts for eligible students. Please don’t hesitate to inquire about the details; terms and conditions apply.

Our Tutoring Method: We believe that studying for hours without testing your knowledge can negatively impact your exam results. That’s why our tutoring strategy revolves around the use of practice questions to help you absorb and retain information effectively. During our sessions, we’ll work together on practice questions, teaching you how to think critically and approach exam questions strategically. These questions are tailored to align with your classroom content, ensuring targeted preparation.

About Me: As the founder of The NCLEX Pub, I hold an Associate of Science in Nursing and have developed essential skills that I’m eager to share with nursing students facing challenges. During my own nursing school journey, I assisted fellow students in understanding how to critically answer exam questions. I passed the NCLEX with just 75 questions, and I’m ready to help you unravel the complexity of nursing concepts and guide you in applying them to exam scenarios.

As a passionate tutor and founder, I empathize with the difficulties nursing students encounter. I’ll patiently listen to your problem areas and provide you with effective strategies to enhance your comprehension.

My knowledge extends beyond nursing to related science courses, including Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, Microbiology, and Nursing Math. As a bonus, I’m available to assist you with any questions related to nursing math and offer valuable insights on conquering the NCLEX.

If you have questions about nursing, prerequisites, or any related topics, please reach out to The NCLEX Pub. We are committed to responding to your inquiries within one hour and providing you with the guidance you need to succeed in your nursing journey.



You will not regret choosing Otitio I have been attempting to pass my NCLEX for over 2 years. After several failed attempts and thinking I could pass it alone, I finally looked into hiring a tutor. I know it might be expensive but this price is nothing compared to your earning potential after passing this test. Otito is very knowledgeable about all Nursing topics. She helped me find tricks to answering questions and ways to break down questions that I would have been guessing at before. She is patient and dedicated to making sure that you feel comfortable and actually know the material before moving on. Her study plan was crucial in my success in passing and I wish I would have tried looking for a tutor earlier on in my struggles. Do not hesitate in choosing anyone else to be your tutor. Her passing average speaks for itself and I promise if you dedicate yourself to her plan, she will dedicate herself to you and open up the door to your future.
11 Lessons with Otito
Just before taking my NCLEX exam, a friend suggested [ ] recommended Otito as my tutor. So, I postponed the exam by a month. During our first meeting, she praised me for having a lot of content, but also mentioned that we would need to go through rigorous reviews. However, during two of my lessons prior to our exam, I became frustrated and depressed halfway through one of the lessons, I asked her to review my work, but she insisted that I continue. Despite my lack of willingness, I randomly selected an answer, and she became upset and felt all her effort is going down the drain, stating that my answer did not fit the stem. Although I remained quiet in the moment because I wasn't just in the mood. All in all, I greatly admired her unwavering determination to impart knowledge and her relentless drive to ensure that I thoroughly comprehended the concepts and adhered to her prescribed methodology. Her guidance was instrumental in helping me answer my first three NCLEX questions correctly, even when I was unfamiliar with certain medications and had to err on the side of caution using what I learned.
13 Lessons with Otito
Best Tutor Ever Please look no further if you come across her name. She is exactly what you are looking for in a tutor, she'll customize a study plan to cater to your needs specifically. When I say patience? That's the definition of professor Otito. She's professional and knowledgeable. She will not lead you astray I promise. If I could do it again, I will always chose her. She also will create strategies to analyze your questions and you won’t go wrong using them. Professor Otito, She’s God sent. Please reach out.
12 Lessons with Otito
Trust the Process I cannot thank Ms. Otito enough for helping me be successful in passing the NCLEX. Ms. Otito creates a study plan that will be beneficial for your learning and that will work for you. I met up with her via Zoom meetings starting once a week and leading up to my exam twice a week. Outside of lectures, I am still in communication via [ ] messaging with her to ensure that I am on track. Ms. Otito is very knowledgeable and will teach you how to critically think, how to analyze questions, and especially recognize what NGN NCLEX-style questions are asking you. You will need to breathe and live NCLEX. It is most important to attend all of your meetings as you will need to trust her and trust the process. Future Nurses, just hang in there! I highly recommend Ms. Otito as your tutor as she will guide you every step of the way and I promise you won't regret having Ms. Otito as your tutor. 12/04/2023. Thank you for everything Ms. Otito!
Winnie Mae
14 Lesson with Otito
Otito is the best! I was having trouble with my HESI proctored exams after 4 of my specialty exams I decided to reach out to her for help. I never reached above 800 so I was getting worried. Otito is really patient, positive, and understands what it takes for you to be successful on the HESI exams and NCLEX. She makes you analyze the question and through that you adopt a clinical reasoning mentality on why you are choosing a certain answer. That made a world of difference for me. I worked with her for my Critical Care HESI and got a 1048 it was the best score I've gotten on an exam and I never looked back. I passed my HESI exit a few days ago with a 974! and in the beginning of the year I would have never thought that could be possible. Otito helped me overcome all the obstacles in my accelerated nursing program. I would highly recommend her! I will never forget what she has done for me to achieve my goals!
17 Lessons with Otito
Amazing tutor I want to say thank you to Otito for being there and making sure I understand what the question is asking and how to answer the question. The work is hard but if you’re consistent and do what she says you will pass the NCLEX! I am so grateful for her and will send anyone who is struggling to pass her way! The skills I learned I will cherish and remember for life! Thank you again for helping me achieve my goals in becoming an RN after 85 questions.
38 Lessons with Otito
Excellent Very patient and excellent in teaching,she explain into details for you to understand ur content, always devoted to your attention, above all she is smart and clever
13 Lessons with Otito
She is a blessing!! I took the nclex twice before i finally decided to reach out to otito for tutoring. I wasn’t 100% sold on using a tutor,but i was very wrong. I am extremely happy that i choose to use her. As of today i passed my nclex in 85 questions using all of her techniques. I started only meeting with her once a week, then i upped it too twice a week about a month before my exam date. All of the skills and ideas she gave me really helped me slow down and actually think about the answer. Her study plan can look scary at first but trust me, if you follow it, it will help you so much in the end. She’s seriously a blessing in disguise and i can’t thank her enough.
10 Lessons with Otito
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